Bring Greenery to Malaysia

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Our Story

As human civilisation progress, a continuous urbanisation always accompanied by deforestation, a greater city was built with a sacrification of the great greenery nature treasures.

Having 30 years of experience in trees propagation and cultivation, GL NURSERY believes that nature and city development should and can co-exists. Adding greenery landscaping design to a development could achieve a great balance between nature and our modern lifestyle.

Started business since 2009. GL Nursery has grown into a private limited company (sdn bhd) by 2013.  Quality is never an accident. It is always a results of intelligent efforts. With the vision to bring greenery to every corner of Malaysia, GL Nursery is propagating the value of responsible,integrity,team work,mutual respect and innovation to every contributors in the company and providing a focus,customer oriented, reputable quality  products and services to many lanscaping architects and developers partners in Malaysia.

  • Responsible 100%
  • Integrity 100%
  • Team Work 100%
  • Mutual Respect 100%
  •   Inovation 100%

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